We all live in society where we meet different kind of people every day. Despite of that, when unknowingly another person is coming to meet us with some negative energy, with some evil charged spirit to harm which we really don’t get to know. Many times, we go out alone with low energy, sad-mood, passing from some cremation ground, at their, from some kind of trees or placed we get captured by some devil souls and in result whole of our life get spoiled. Some of us suffer from physical ailments whole life which can not be scanned by medical instruments and patient face different kinds of experiment and disease remains same or becomes more dangerous. In this competitive world every one has many open and hidden enemies and they create many problems to stop your growth, for that they they use Tantra vidya on you or attached some bad souls to destroy your health, wealth, your family, money & fame etc. We can’t even figure-out how to get out of this kind of pathetic situation. In this modern era, many of us can’t understand that we are under spell of someone or not.

Being a long years of practices and knowledge Pandit Money Dhasmana has comes up with solutions who are seeing this provision /need in society, Panditji has has introduced a special service ‘Tantra Scanning’ by which he can scan the patient at a glance and figure-out which evil spirit is in or on him/her, what are the causes of his/her ailment, mental or physical. What kind of problems he/she may face in future and what kind of remedial solutions one should do to get well the patient. For this we need patient’s current snap, full name, complete current address, mother and father name etc. If necessary, we recommend to take an telephonic appointment by applying on-line service form for Tele-Appointment Service Consutlation.

Once we receive all above details, we study the problem and providing the suggestion and report via email within a 6 to 10 days.

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Once the payment is done you need to share the receipt with transaction number on our Whats-App Number, Once our team will check and verify than your Request or Detaild Kundali/Tantra Scanning will be deliver to you ASAP.

If you find any problem in this process please feel free to reach us on +91 99199 35555

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